• N Raja Kumar

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Influence of kinetin and morphactin on changes in sex expression, carbohydrate and nitrogen fractions in castor (Ricinus communis L.)

      N Raja Kumar P Gopala Rao

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      The effect of kinetin and morphactin on flower sex expression has been studied in castor. It was observed that the ratio of female to male flowers was 1:4·75 in control; 1:1·61 in kinetin and 1:3·29 in morphactin treated plants. Although the number of female flowers increased in morphactin-treated plants, the sex ratio did not alter much as there was slight decrease in male flowers. Kinetin elicited an increase in femaleness and decrease in maleness, consequently causing reduction in total number of flowers, compared to control plants. Carbohydrate contents were increased with kinetin and morphactin treatments. Reducing and non-reducing sugars were more in the female flowers than male flowers. Male flowers surpassed female flowers with respect to starch content. Treatments increased total protein and soluble nitrogen in the shoot tips, compared to those of control plants. Total and soluble nitrogen were low whereas protein nitrogen was higher in the pistillate flowers than in the staminate flowers. The modification of sex expression is discussed with respect to carbohydrate and nitrogen metabolism.


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