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    • Pigment concentration of ten bryophytes from Nainital, Kumaun Himalayas

      N Pande J S Singh

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      The chlorophylls, carotenoids and their ratios were determined in 6 liverworts and 4 mosses of Nainital, Kumaun Himalaya. The amount of chlorophylls and carotenoids was higher in liverworts except forStephensoniella brevipedunculata compared to mosses. Liverworts studied occurred in shady habitats, whereas the mosses occurred in open situations. The chlorophylla/b ratios were less than 1·5. This is a response of bryophytes to low light environments. The chlorophyll/carotenoid ratio did not show any remarkable difference among liverworts and mosses, as the study was carried out during the rainy season—the luxuriant growth period of bryophytes.


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