• Madan Lal

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    • Role of endogenous phytohormones and some macromolecules in regulation of sex differentiation in flowering plants

      V S Jaiswal Aravind Kumar Madan Lal

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      Endogenous levels of phytohormones like auxin, gibberellin, cytokinin, abscisic acid and ethylene appear to determine the fate of flower sex primordia. Higher levels of auxins, cytokinins and ethylene have been found to be correlated with female sex expression whereas a greater amount of gibberellins favours the differentiation of male sex organs. It appears that the phenotypic expression of flower sex is controlled by a balance between male-promoting and female-promoting hormones. Variations occurring with regard to amino acids, proteins and enzymes/isozymes during the reproductive phase may also have a prominent role in determining the nature of the flower sex.


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