• K G Raja Rao

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Colchicine induced chromosome mosaicism in chili pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

      K G Raja Rao I Harini O Aniel Kumar

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      One of the colchicine treated plants of the cultivar Co2 ofCapsicum annuum L. was found to be a chromosome mosaic without seed-set and with as low as 4·95% pollen fertility. The growth of the plant was stunted. Its chromosome number (2n) varied from 38 to 96. Chromosome associations and chiasma frequencies were studied in each of the chromosome classes. Bivalents and association of 4 chromosomes were prevalent. Univalents were common. Laggards were observed at anaphases I and II. The chromosome mosaicism is attributed to the effect of colchicine on the spindle and physiological process.


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