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      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Effect of environment on pigment ratios inDunaliella spp. from the salt pans of Gujarat

      Usha D Muraleedharan J I Goes Aditi Pant

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      The effect of varying salinity and pH of the medium on growth and pigment ratios ofDunaliella cells in culture was studied. Cell growth was found to be optimal at pH 8 and at intermediate salt concentrations of 1–2 M NaCl. Ninety per cent acetone extracts of cells grown in media containing up to 2 M NaCl showed two distinct absorption peaks with maxima at 433 and 663 nm due to carotenoids and chlorophylls. The ratio of carotene to chlorophyll appeared to be maximum for cells grown in 1 M NaCl and to increase with the age of the cells in culture.

    • Seasonal patterns of phytoplankton biomass and productivity in a tropical estuarine complex (west coast of India)

      V P Devassy J I Goes

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      Phytoplankton cell numbers and chlorophylla determinations were made during the premonsoon, monsoon and postmonsoon periods in the Mandovi-Zuari estuarine complex (west coast of India). Primary productivity estimates agreed well with chlorophylla and phytoplankton cell numbers. The consequent decline in salinity with the onset of monsoon was found to be an important factor controlling the distribution, abundance and productivity of phytoplankton. As compared to the Zuari estuary, the Mandovi retained typical estuarine conditions and a greater phytoplankton biomass. Based on primary productivity estimations, the potential fishery resource of this estuarine complex has been computed.


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