• Hema Pande

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Influence of clipping and water stress on growth performance and nutrient value of four range grasses

      Hema Pande J S Singh

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      The paper examines the effect of water stress and clipping treatments on growth behaviour and nutrient value of 4 grasses, viz.,Lolium perenne, Poa pratensis (both C3 plants),Chloris gayana andPanicum coloratum (both C4 plants).

      Biomass, net production, relative growth rates were affected more markedly and adversely in the two C4 species due to water stress. The effect of clipping varied with species and was generally more marked and adverse in two C4 species. The C3 plants developed higher R:S ratio under water stress. Water stress resulted in a greater decline of total non-structural carbohydrate and protein content in the two C4 species. Clipping affected adversely the nonstructural carbohydrate content and again the effect was more marked in the two C4 species. On the other hand, protein content in shoots of all plants increased due to clipping.


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