• D K Awasthi

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Ecological and phytogeographical observations on the ferns and fernallies of Nagpur block (Chamoli Garhwal), Western Himalayas

      D K Awasthi M P Sharma

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      The ferns and fern-allies of Nagpur block (Chamoli Garhwal), Western Himalayas are discussed. In all 79 species (74 ferns and 5 fern-allies) have been collected of which eight species are new record for the western Himalayas.Botrychiutn daucifolium have been recorded for the first time from the Himalayas. Ecological observations for each species have been recorded. This region is rich in epiphytic vegetation. Among the fern-alliesLycopodium lucidulum andL. setaceum constitute a part of epiphytic vegetation. The ferns and fern-allies of the region are more akin to Eastern Himalayan species as 81% species are common to both the regions.

    • Stomatal studies in Amaryllidaceae with special reference to stomatal abnormalities

      D K Awasthi V Kumar R Rawat

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      Foliar epidermis of nineteen species of Amaryllidaceae, has been studied. Epidermal cells on both the surfaces are polygonal with oblique or straight anticlinal walls in all species except inHaemanthus andEucharis where these have sinuous or undulate walls. Subsidiaries are indistinct and are of C-type. With the exception ofEucharis (hypostomatic) leaves are amphistomatic in all the species. The stomata are anomocytic. Various types of stomatal abnormalitiesviz contiguous stomata, interstomatal cytoplasmic connections etc., are observed in the different species.


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