• C R Babu

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Significance of seed coat pattern inVigna radiata var.sublobata

      S Ignacimuthu C R Babu

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      Variations in the microtopography of seed coat in eight natural populations ofV. radiata var.sublobata inhabiting the Palney Hills of Western Ghats (Tamil Nadu) were investigated with the help ofSEM. The seed coat patterns are population specific, and the different patterns can be conveniently classified into two types. It appears that the polymorphism in seed coat patterns is of genetic origin and is the consequence of adaptation to spatio-temporal environments.

    • New nodulating papilionoid legumes of potential value for revegetation of degraded ecosystems

      Suresh Nair Prakash K Jha M C Gopinathan C R Babu

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      The north-western Himalayan ranges were surveyed for nodulating legumes that could be useful in tropical afforestation, soil amelioration and reclamation of open cast mine sites, mine spoil heaps, eroded slopes and other denuded ecosystems. Seven new nodulating papilionoid legumes were found and all of them have potential application in revegetation programmes. One new record of a non-nodulating papilionoid member is also reported. The ecological aspects of sampling sites, and habit and root characteristics of the legumes are described. The patterns of nodulation and morphology of nodules are also given. There is a substantial amount of polymorphism in nodule size and shape within a single species as well as among the species; a part of this variation is habitat induced. The nodulation occurs essentially during monsoon season. The remarkable similarity in growth form and nodulation patterns among 7 taxa is the consequence of adaptation to similar ecological conditions.


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