• A R Kulkarni

      Articles written in Proceedings – Plant Sciences

    • Contribution to the anatomy of palm fruits—Cocosoid palms

      G N Reddy A R Kulkarni

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      Mature fruit structure of 8 species of Cocosoid palms representing 8 genera distributed in 3 alliances has been described along with developmental account in 2 species. The diagnostic features have been discussed in the light of the work done in other members of this group.

    • Floral trichomes in some members of Bignoniaceae

      K R Mehra A R Kulkarni

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      An organographic survey of floral trichomes along with their distribution, ontogeny, systematic and functional significance has been presented inTabebuia rosea DC,Millingtonia hortensis Linn.,Dolichandrone falcata Seem,Jacaranda mimosaefolia D Don andStereospermum chelonoides DC of Bignoniaceae.

      Four types of glandular and two of non-glandular trichomes have been recognised. Ontogenetically the different types of glandular trichomes mainly differ in the pattern of divisions in the head cells and their subsequent differentiation. The richness of total proteins of the heads of some of these suggests them to serve the function of lubrication during gliding growth of floral parts in bud condition.

    • Fruit and seed structure in Araceae

      A R Kulkarni D Dosi V M Manoj

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      Fruit and seed anatomy of 12 species of Araceae distributed in 11 genera has been described. Taxonomic significance of fruit and seed anatomy has been brought out.


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