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    • Small-scale magnetic field diagnostics outside sunspots: Comparison of different methods

      D. N. Rachkovsky T. T. Tsap V. G. Lozitsky

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      We analyse different observational data related to the problem of intrinsic magnetic field strength in small-scale fluxtubes outside sunspots. We conclude that the kG range of fluxtube fields follows from not only classical line ratio method, but also from other old and new techniques. For the quiet regions on the Sun, the most probable mode of such fields has a magnetic field strength of 1.2–1.5 kG assuming the rectangular field profile. To best interpret the observations, a weak background field between fluxtubes should be assumed, and its magnetic field strength is expected to increase with the filling factor of fluxtubes. The alternative point of view about subkilogauss fluxtube fields is critically examined, and possible sources of different conclusions are presented.

    • Observational Evidences for Multi-component Magnetic Field Structure in Solar Flares

      V. G. Lozitsky J. Staude

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      Two solar flares of 25 July 1981 and 5 November 2004 of importance 2𝑁 and M4.1/1B, respectively, were investigated using observational data obtained with the Echelle spectrograph of the Kyiv University Astronomical Observatory. Stokes 𝐼 and 𝑉 profiles of the FeI lines 5233, 5247.1, 5250.2, 5250.6, 5576.1 and of CrI 5247.6 Å have been analyzed. We found several evidences for the existence of spatially unresolved magnetic field structures with kG strengths. In particular, the values of the measured average longitudinal field 𝐵 depend on the Lande factors 𝑔 of the lines: in general, 𝐵 increases with increasing factor 𝑔. Analogously, the observed line ratio 𝐵 (5250.2)/𝐵(5247.1) is increasing with increasing distance 𝛥 𝛾 from the line center. The observed Stokes 𝑉 profiles show some deviations from that of an assumed homogeneous field, presented by the Stokes 𝐼 gradient, 𝑑𝐼/𝑑𝛾. A comparison with the non-split line FeI 5576.1 Å shows that some of these deviations are real and indicate the presence of subtelescopic magnetic elements with discrete field strengths of several kG. The lines with large Lande factors have considerable broadenings of the Stokes 𝐼 profiles, indicating a strong background magnetic field of mixed polarity. On the basis of all these data we conclude that a four-component magnetic field structure is a possible explanation. The field strengths are about ±1.05 kG in the background field, and 1.3–1.5, 3.9–4.0, and 7.4–7.8 kG at level of middle photosphere (ℎ ≈ 300 km) in the spatially unresolved, small-scale magnetic elements.

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