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    • The two components in the distribution of sunspot groups with respect to their maximum areas

      M. H. Gokhale K. R. Sivaraman

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      From an analysis of the distribution of sunspot groups with respect to their maximum areas we find that this distribution consists of two distinct components. One component contributes to spot groups of all possible values of A* with a distribution density varying as ∼ exp (b1 á*1/2) with b1 nearly constant from cycleto cycle and having a mean value ∼10-4 km-1. The other component is predominantly responsible for spot groups withA* ≲, 30 *10-6 hemisphere but may provide a few spot groups even above 50 * l0-6 hemisphere. This component may follow a distribution density ∼ exp (-b2 A*). We also determine the widths of the latitude zones over which spot groups in various intervals of A* appear and study their variation with time. These widths and their variations indicate that the two statistical samples of spot groups may be produced by two families of flux-tube clusters as suggested earlier in a phenomenological model. Very thin flux-tube clusters in the statistical samples seem to be related to the ephemeral active regions and X-ray bright points.

    • Does sunspot activity originate in slow global oscillations of the sun?

      M. H. Gokhale

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      We present preliminary results of a spherical-harmonic-Fourier analysis of sunspot activity during the twenty-two years 1933–1954. The results indicate that the sunspot activity might be originating in global solar oscillations with periods of years and decades. However, except for the axisymmetric mode of degree 6, the set of other axisymmetric modes showing ∼ 11 yr periodicities are different from one sunspot cycle to another. A more detailed analysis, preferably with larger data series, will be needed to arrive at a more definite conclusion.

    • Sunspot groups as tracers of sub-surface processes

      M. H. Gokhale

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      Data on sunspot groups have been quite useful for obtaining clues to several processes on global and local scales within the sun which lead to emergence of toroidal magnetic flux above the sun’s surface. I present here a report on such studies carried out at Indian Institute of Astrophysics during the last decade or so.

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      Posted on January 27, 2016

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