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    • On a nonlinear and Lorentz-invariant verson of Newtonian gravitation

      J. J. Rawal J. V. Narlikar

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      The Newtonian theory of gravitation is modified to include the gravitational energy as a source of gravitational potential, thus making the theory self-coupled and nonlinear. The modified theory can be derived from a Lorentz-invariant action principle. The Kepler problem is discussed in this theory and it is shown that the perihelion of the orbit steadily precesses. The rate of precession is, however, insufficient to account for the observed precession of the perihelion of Mercury. The differences from the Newtonian theory for the bending of light and the gravitational redshift of spectral lines are shown to be marginal.

    • Planetary distance law and resonance

      J. J. Rawal

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      The relation between the planetary distance law and the resonant structures in the solar system and in the satellite systems is shown, in that, the resonance relation has been expressed in terms of Roche’s (Bode’s) constant defined in the text. This brings forth a coherent, elegant and unified picture of the formation and structure of the solar system and the satellite systems. The Roche’s (Bode’s) constant is seen to play a central role in this unified picture, in that, it also appears to govern the resonance phenomenon in the systems

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    • Continuous Article Publication

      Posted on January 27, 2016

      Since January 2016, the Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy has moved to Continuous Article Publishing (CAP) mode. This means that each accepted article is being published immediately online with DOI and article citation ID with starting page number 1. Articles are also visible in Web of Science immediately. All these have helped shorten the publication time and have improved the visibility of the articles.

    • Editorial Note on Continuous Article Publication

      Posted on July 25, 2019

      Click here for Editorial Note on CAP Mode

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