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    • On Asymmetries in Powerful Radio Sources and the Quasar/Galaxy Unification

      C. I. Onah A. A. Ubachukwu F. C. Odo

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      We utilize the distributions of fractional separation difference (𝑥) as asymmetry parameter, linear size (𝐷) and core-to lobe luminosity ratio (𝑅) as orientation indicators, to investigate a consequence of radio source orientation and relativistic beaming effects in a sample of powerful non-symmetric extragalactic radio sources. In this scenario, radio sources viewed at small orientation angles to the line-of-sight are expected to show a high degree of asymmetry in observed radio structures due to relativistic beaming, with foreshortened projected linear sizes. A simple consequence of this is the 𝑥 - 𝐷 anti-correlation. Results show a tight correlation (𝑟 > 0.8) between the total and core radio luminosities and a clear 𝑥 - 𝐷 anti-correlation (𝑟 ∼ -0.5). The observed 𝑥 - 𝐷 anti-correlation is consistent with average orientation angle 𝜙 ≈ 48° and a maximum Lorentz factor 𝛾 ∼ 2 for the sample, with minimum angular separation of 26° between radio galaxies and quasars. However, there is no clear 𝑥 - 𝑅 correlation. While the results are consistent with quasar/galaxy unification via orientation, intrinsic asymmetry also seems to play a major role.

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