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    • Cloning, characterization and expression of $OsFMO_{(t)}$ in rice encoding a flavin monooxygenase

      Jicai Yi Lanna Liu Youpei Cao Jiazuo Li Mantong Mei

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      Flavin monooxygenases (FMO) play a key role in tryptophan (Trp)-dependent indole-acetic acid (IAA) biosynthesis in plants and regulate plant growth and development. In this study, the full-length genomic DNA and cDNA of $OsFMO_{(t)}$, a FMO gene that was originally identified from a rolled-leaf mutant in rice, was isolated and cloned from wild type of the rolled-leaf mutant. $OsFMO_{(t)}$ was found to have four exons and three introns, and encode a protein with 422 amino acid residues that contains two basic conserved motifs, with a ‘G×𝐺××G’ characteristic structure. OsFMO(t) showed high amino acid sequence identity with FMO proteins from other plants, in particular with YUCCA from Arabidopsis, FLOOZY from Petunia, and OsYUCCA1 from rice. Our phylogenetic analysis showed that OsFMO$_{\text{(t)}}$ and the homologous FMO proteins belong to the same clade in the evolutionary tree. Overexpression of $OsFMO_{(t)}$ in transformed rice calli produced IAA-excessive phenotypes that showed browning and lethal effects when exogenous auxins such as naphthylacetic acid (NAA) were added to the medium. These results suggested that the OsFMO$_{\text{(t)}}$ protein is involved in IAA biosynthesis in rice and its overexpression could lead to the malformation of calli. Spatio-temporal expression analysis using RT-PCR and histochemical analysis for GUS activity revealed that expression of $OsFMO_{(t)}$ was totally absent in the rolled-leaf mutant. However, in the wild type variety, this gene was expressed at different levels temporally and spatially, with the highest expression observed in tissues with fast growth and cell division such as shoot apexes, tender leaves and root tips. Our results demonstrated that IAA biosynthesis regulated by $OsFMO_{(t)}$ is likely localized and might play an essential role in shaping local IAA concentrations which, in turn, is critical for regulating normal growth and development in rice.

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