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    • A novel deletion mutation of the SOX2 gene in a child of Chinese origin with congenital bilateral anophthalmia and sensorineural hearing loss


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      Congenital anophthalmia is a rare eye anomaly which lacks a recognizable eye in the orbit. It can be isolated (nonsyndromic) or be observed as a sign of other diseases (syndromic). A Chinese infant was born with bilateral anophthalmia and palpebral fissure closures. Ocular and systemic examinations were performed, and genomic DNA was prepared from peripheral leukocytes. The coding exons and the adjacent intrinsic sequence of SOX2 were analysed by Sanger sequencing. A c.70_89del (p. Asn24ArgfsX65; rs398123693) mutation in SOX2 was identified in the Chinese infant with bilateral clinical anophthalmia andsensorineural hearing loss. This mutation was not detected in the unaffected parents and 150 unaffected control individuals. Mutation in SOX2 is associated with bilateral clinical anophthalmia and probably with other anomalies in the Chinese infant. Until nowhearing loss has not been reported in individuals with SOX2 mutation. The results remind us that clinical anophthalmia may be accompanied by sensorineural hearing loss and may be associated with SOX2 mutation, and it will contribute to improving diagnosis and patient care. Given that children with anophthalmia already have reduced sight, it seems worthwhile to make a point of careful vigilance on hearing for all such patients.

    • Molecular cloning and functional characterization of CmFT (FLOWERING LOCUS T) from Cucumis melo L.


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      CmFT homologous gene in muskmelon was obtained by homologous cloning, introducing CmFT gene by Agrobacterium mediated transformation. The results of subcellular localization showed that CmFT protein was expressed in cytoplasm and nucleus. qRTPCR results showed that the expression levels of AtLFY, AtFT, AtCO, AtFLC, AtSOC1 and AtAP1 were upregulated in the 35S::MeFT Arabidopsis line. The CmFT gene was introduced into wild-type Arabidopsis by Agrobacterium-mediated transformation, and the growth status of T2 transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana and wild-type A. thaliana was observed. The results showed that wild-type Arabidopsis began to bolt on the 25th day after sowing, we can initially confirm that the FT gene of melon can promote the early flowering of melon in thegrowth and development of melon.

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