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    • Behavioural genetic differences between Chinese and European pigs


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      Aggression is a heritable trait and genetically related to neurotransmitter-related genes. Behavioural characteristics of some pig breeds are different. To compare the genetic differences between breeds, backtest and aggressive behaviour assessments, and genotyped using Sequenom iPLEX platform were performed in 50 Chinese indigenous Mi pigs and 100 landrace-large white (LLW) cross pigs with 32 SNPs localized in 11 neurotransmitter-related genes. The genetic polymorphisms of 26 SNPs had notable differences (P < 0.05) between Mi and LLW. The most frequent haplotypes were different in DBH, HTR2A, GAD1, HTR2B,MAOA and MAOB genes between Mi and LLW. The mean of backtest scores was significantly lower (P < 0.001) for Mi than LLW pigs. Skin lesion scores were greater (P < 0.01) in LLW pigs than Mi pigs. In this study, we have confirmed that Chinese Mi pigs are less active and less aggressive than European LLW pigs, and the genetic polymorphisms of neurotransmitter-related genes, which have been proved previously associated with aggressive behaviour, have considerable differences between Mi and LLW pigs.

    • Identification, molecular characterization and analysis of the expression pattern of SoxF subgroup genes the Yellow River carp, Cyprinus carpio


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      Sox7, Sox17 and Sox18 are the members of the Sry-related high-mobility group box family (SoxF) of transcription factors. SoxF factors regulate endothelial cell fate as well as development and differentiation of blood cells and lymphatic vessels. There is very less information about the functions of these genes in fish. We obtained the full-length cDNA sequence of SoxF genes including Sox7, Sox17 and Sox18 in Cyprinus carpio, where Sox7 and Sox18 had two copies. The construction of a phylogenetic tree showed that these genes were homologous to the genes in other species. Chromosome synteny analysis indicated that the geneorder of Sox7 and Sox18 was highly conserved in fish. However, immense change in genomic sequences around Sox17 had taken place. Numerous putative transcription factor binding sites were identified in the 5′ flanking regions of SoxF genes which may be involved in the regulation of the nervous system, vascular epidermal differentiation and embryonic development. The expressionlevels of SoxF genes were highest in gastrula, and was abundantly expressed in the adult brain.We investigated the expression levels of SoxF genes in five specific parts of the brain. The expression levels of Sox7 and Sox18 were highest in the mesencephalon, while the expression level of Sox17 was highest in the epencephalon. In carp, the expression patterns of SoxF genes indicated a potential function of these genes in neurogenesis and in vascular development. These results provide new information for further studies on the potential functions of SoxF genes in carp.

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