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    • Gene expression profiling of coronary artery disease and its relation with different severities


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      Global gene expression profiling is a powerful tool enabling the understanding of pathophysiology and subsequent management of diseases. This study aims to explore functionally annotated differentially expressed genes (DEGs); their biological processes for coronary artery disease (CAD) and its different severities of atherosclerotic lesions. This study also aims to identify thechange in expression patterns of DEGs in atherosclerotic lesions of single-vessel disease (SVD) and triple-vessel disease (TVD). The weight of different severities of lesion was estimated using a modified Gensini score. The gene expression profiling was performed using the Affymetrix microarray platform. The functional annotation for CAD was performed using DAVID v6.8. The biological network gene ontology tool (BiNGO) and ClueGO were used to explore the biological processes of functionally annotated genes of CAD. The changes in gene expression from SVD to TVD were determined by evaluating the fold change. Functionally annotated genes were found in an unique set and could be distinguishing two distinct severities of CAD. The biological processes such ascellular migration, locomotion, cell adhesion, cytokine production, positive regulation of cell death etc. enriched the functionally annotated genes in SVD, whereas, wound healing, negative regulation of cell death, blood coagulation, angiogenesis and fibrinolysis were enriched significantly in TVD patients. The genes THBS1 and CAPN10 were functionally annotated for CAD in both SVD and TVD. The 61 DEGs were identified, those have changes their expression with different severities of atherosclerotic lesions, in which 13 genes had more than two-fold change in expression between SVD and TVD. The consistent findings were obtained on validation of microarray gene expression of selected 10 genes in a separate cohort using real-time PCR. This study identified putative candidategenes and their biological processes predisposing toward and affecting the severity of CAD.

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