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    • Dual modified antiphospho (Ser10)-acetyl (Lys14)-histone H3 predominantly mark the pericentromeric chromatin during mitosis in monokinetic plants


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      Epigenetic regulatory posttranslational histone modification marks not only function individually but also capable to act in combination as a unique pattern. A total of 16 plant species belonging to 11 genera of eight families (five dicots and threemonocots) including land plants, epiphytes (orchids) and the holokinetic taxa (Drosera spp.) were analysed for chromosomal distribution of dual modified antiphospho (Ser10)-acetyl (K14)-histone H3 (H3S10phK14ac) to understand the combinatorial chromatin dynamics during mitotic cell division in plants. The anti-H3S10phK14ac evidently mark the pericentromeric chromatin on mitotic chromosomes of the plants excluding the holokinetic Drosera species, which revealed the immunolabelling of whole chromosomes all along the arms. The dual modified immunosignals were absent during early stages of mitosis, appeared intensively at metaphase and remained visible until late-anaphase/telophase however, labelled the whole chromosomes during meiotic metaphase I. Colocalization of anti-H3S10phK14ac with an onion’s CENH3 antibody on mitoticchromosomes of Allium revealed the chromosomal location of anti-H3S10phK14ac in the region between signals for CENH3 detection. Overall analysis suggests that the unique localization of combinatorial histone modification mark at pericentromericchromatin might have attributed through ‘phospho-acetyl’ cross talk that ultimately facilitate the sister chromatid cohesion at pericentromeres following condensation events in mitotic chromosomes. Here, we propose that dual modified H3S10phK14ac histone may serve as an additional cytogenetic landmark to identify pericentromeric chromatin during mitosis in plants. The plausible role of histone cross talk and future perspectives of combinatorial histone modification marks in plant cytogenetics with special reference to chromatin dynamics have been discussed.

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