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    • Comparative intrapair correlations of fraternal twins and siblings

      S. G. Levit G. V. Soboleva

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    • The problem of dominance in man

      S. G. Levit

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      1. The majority of pathological genes in man:

      are conditionally dominant, showing a definite expression in the heterozygote, and

      have poor penetrance. This is true both for autosomal as well as for sex-linked genes.

      2. Conditionally dominant genes (in the heterozygote) tend to be expressed later in ontogeny than recessive genes (in the homozygote).

      3. An explanation is given for these phenomena from the point of view of the evolution of dominance.

    • Genetical analysis of selected human data bearing on the genetics of hermaphroditism

      S. G. Levit

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      The present paper points out the incorrectness of conclusions in human genetics when based on literary selection.

      To avoid this, a method is used by which material may be genetically analysed, sporadic cases being completely ignored. Pettersson & Bonnier’s data on a form of hermaphroditism is analysed according to this method. By selecting exclusively familial cases from the literature and applying an incorrect method of genetical analysis, these authors naturally obtained a surplus of affected sibs, and to explain this surplus proposed improbable hypotheses. The same data analysed according to the method here proposed gave very close agreement between the expected and obtained number of affected individuals.

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