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    • Genetic analysis and complementation studies on a number of mutant supernodulating soybean lines

      Angela C. Delves Bernard J. Carroll Peter M. Gresshoff

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      Genetic analysis was done on a number of nitrate tolerant supernodulating (nts) mutant soybean lines. These lines are altered in the autoregulation response, and each was isolated as a separate mutational event following chemical mutagenesis. Crosses were made betweennts lines on a diallel pattern, and each was also crossed usingnts lines as female parent, to wild-type nodulation cultivars. F1 and F2 data were analysed from each cross for nodulation type and number. No complementation was noted wherents lines were intercrossed, suggesting that in each line the same gene was affected. Wherents lines were crossed with wild-type cultivars all the F1 progeny were wild-type, confirming that thenls gene is recessive and, with one exception,nts 1116, all of the F2 progeny segregated into a 3:1 wild-type to supernodulating phenotype, indicating that a single gene is involved. The hypernodulating linents 1116 gave a 1:1 ratio in its F2 progeny when crossed with othernts lines. This line behaved as a dominant in the latter crosses. No wild-type segregants were recovered, therefore again no complementation look place. This line may be a leaky mutant with partial autoregulation as its segregation ratios do not fall into any of the obvious patterns.

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