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    • The genetics of lintlessness in Asiatic cottons

      J. B. Hutchinson P. D. Gadkari

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      Seven types of lintless occurring in Asiatic cottons are described. It is shown that at least four independent genes are involved. Two of these are complementary genes for glabrous lintless and two complementary genes for hairy lintless.

      The relationship of theLic gene carried by Punjab H.L. to the rest has not been fully worked out, and it remains to be seen whether it is the same as one of the hairy lintless complementary pair. Data are presented to show that the hairy lintless homozygotelic-lic shown by Afzal & Hutchinson (1933) to be a lethal is now fully viable both in the original strain and in a hybrid with Narrow kokati. The probable cause of the change and its bearings on Fisher’s theory of the origin of dominance are discussed.

      The linkage relations of the lintless genes were studied, but no satisfactory evidence of linkage was found. There was, however, a strong association betweenLic and leaf shape in segregating families in which considerable mutation from narrow to broad leaf had occurred. This association could not be ascribed to linkage.

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