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    • The effect on the offspring of maternal immunization in mice

      N. A. Mitchison

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      F1 hybrids between Strong’s A and CBA lines are backcrossed to the CBA line, and susceptibility to an A-line carcinoma is shown to be controlled by two factors in the backcross generation.

      Groups of CBA mothers of the backcross generation are immunized with A-line red cells, or A-line tumour, and are shown to develop agglutinins to A-line red cells.

      The offspring of the immunized CBA females which possess A-line antigens are uot killed by the maternal antibody.

      Similar indications are obtained with the offspring of A-line mice immunized with a CBA. lymphosarcoma.

      Isoantigens are shown not to develop in young mice until 8-12 days after birth.

      This is shown in the discussion to be in line with the general state of development of the mouse red cells at birth. It is suggested that this protects the young mice from being damaged by the maternal antibody.

      The author wishes to express his gratitude to Prof. P. B. Medawar, F.R.S., for his help and encouragement while supervising this work, and to Dr P. A. Gorer for some essential help and advice. He has also had the benefit of discussing this work with Prof. J. B. S. Haldane, F.R.S., and Mr D. Michie.

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