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    • Artificial thallium moult in sheep

      N. A. Iljin

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    • Wolf-dog genetics

      N. A. Iljin

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      The wolf and the dog can be readily crossed and the resulting hybrids are fully fertile. Typical Mendelian segregation has been demonstrated for many different characters, notably for hair colour and pattern, eye colour, ear form, size and various skull characters. There is also evidence for segregation in certain physiological peculiarities such as season of rut and nervous disposition. Modificatory influences due to environment may affect some of the craniological characters, the form of the tail and the general external appearance, though in all of these cases the differences are at basis genotypical. The bark of the dog is shown to be a purely modificatory character which may be readily acquired by the wolf. Certain features such as the duration of pregnancy, the blind period in the young, the order of appearance of milk teeth and the moulting phenomena are identical in both wolves and dogs. All of these data taken together serve to emphasize the very close similarity in genetical constitution between the wolf and the dog, and suggest thepossibility of the origin of the various races ofCanis familiaris from a single wild species, viz.C. lupus.

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