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    • The effect of varying gene dosage on aleurone colour in maize

      M. M. Rhoades

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      1. A new dominant geneDt interacts with recessivea1 in the presence of the dominant allels of the other factors concerned with aleurone colour to give coloured dots scattered over the aleurone layer.Dt is specific in its interaction with recessivea1.

      2. The effect on the dotted character of varying the dosage of recessivea1 was additive. Data on three dosages ofa1 were obtained.

      3. The effect on the number of dots of varying the dosage of theDt gene was non-additive.

    • Note on the origin of triploidy in maize

      M. M. Rhoades

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      Triploid individuals in maize occur through the fertilization of diploid or unreduced eggs by haploid sperm. The diploid eggs have arisen by complete non-disjunction of the entire chromosome set during meiosis or through non-disjunction during one of the three mitotic divisions of the female gametophyte. In either of these eventualities, however, the female gamete carried the diploid number of chromosomes.

      Triploidy in maize is here shown to have arisen when the diploid number of chromosomes was contributed by the male parent.

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