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    • Negative regulation ofUltrabithorax expression byengrailed is required for proper specification of wing development inDrosophila melanogaster

      B. Starling Emerald L. S. Shashidhara

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      In both vertebrates and invertebrates, homeotic selector genes confer morphological differences along the antero-posterior axis. However, insect wing development is independent of all homeotic gene functions, reflecting the ground plan of an ancestral pterygote, which bore wings on all segments. Dipteran insects such asDrosophila are characterized by a pair of wings in the mesothoracic segment. In all other segments, wing development is essentially repressed by different homeotic genes, although in the metathorax they are modified into a pair of halteres. This necessitates that during development all homeotic genes are to be maintained in a repressed state in wing imaginal discs. In this report we show that (i) the function of the segment polarity geneengrailed (en) is critical to keep the homeotic selector geneUltrabithorax (Ubx) repressed in wing imaginal discs, (ii) normal levels of En in the posterior compartment of haltere discs, however, are not enough to completely repressUbx, and (iii) the repression ofUbx byen is independent of Hedgehog signalling through which the long-range signalling ofen is mediated during wing development. Finally we provide evidence for a possible mechanism by whichen repressesUbx. On the basis of these results we propose thaten has acquired two independent functions during the evolution of dorsal appendages. In addition to its well-known function of conferring posterior fate and inducing long-range signalling to pattern the developing appendages, it maintains wing fate by keepingUbx repressed.

    • Edward B Lewis (1918–2004)

      L. S. Shashidhara

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    • Lamin C and chromatin organization in Drosophila

      B. V. Gurudatta L. S. Shashidhara Veena K. Parnaik

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      Drosophila lamin C (LamC) is a developmentally regulated component of the nuclear lamina. The lamC gene is situated in the fifth intron of the essential gene tout velu (ttv). We carried out genetic analysis of lamC during development. Phenotypic analyses of RNAi-mediated downregulation of lamC expression as well as targeted misexpression of lamin C suggest a role for lamC in cell survival. Of particular interest in the context of laminopathies is the caspase-dependent apoptosis induced by the overexpression of lamin C. Interestingly, misexpression of lamin C in the central nervous system, where it is not normally expressed, did not affect organization of the nuclear lamina. lamC mutant alleles suppressed position effect variegation normally displayed at near-centromeric and telomeric regions. Further, both downregulation and misexpression of lamin C affected the distribution of heterochromatin protein 1. Our results suggest that Drosophila lamC has a tissue-specific role during development and is required for chromatin organization.

    • Preface

      L. S. Shashidhara T. N. C. Vidya

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