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    • Molecular variation and population structure in endangered Limonium bicolor: genetic diversity of microsatellite markers and amplified fragment length polymorphism analysis


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      Knowledge and analysis of the genetic structure of an endangered species is important for its conservation and evolutionary process. Simple sequence repeats (SSRs) and amplified fragment length polymorphisms (AFLPs) were used in evaluation of the genetic diversity and population differentiation in Limonium bicolor (Plumbaginaceae), an endangered herb with high medicinal and horticulture value. A total of 117 alleles were detected with an average 5.85 alleles per locus using SSR and 222 bands from AFLP were amplified in six populations. It was found that L. bicolor was characterized by high levels of genetic polymorphism (100 and 83.78%), low levels of total genetic diversity (Ht = 0.2824 and 0.2424), and moderate degrees of genetic differentiation among populations (ΦST = 0.284 and 0.251). Analysis of molecular variance (AMOVA) revealed that the main variation component existed within populations (71.56%; 74.93%) rather than among populations (28.44%; 25.07%). Four main clusters were displayed in the UPGMA using TFPGA, which was consistent with the result of principal coordinate analysis (PCA) using NTSYS. Mutations or infrequent gene flow among populations can increase the plant slowly, thus in situ conservation policies should be implemented first for effective and sustainable development. At the same time, ex situ measures, such as those individuals with rare alleles, to maintain the relationships between individuals and populations are also proposed.

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