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    • Complete nucleotide sequence and gene rearrangement of the mitochondrial genome of Occidozyga martensii

      En Li Xiaoqiang Li Xiaobing Wu Ge Feng Man Zhang Haitao Shi Lijun Wang Jianping Jiang

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      In this study, the complete nucleotide sequence (18,321 bp) of the mitochondrial (mt) genome of the round-tongued floating frog, Occidozyga martensii was determined. Although, the base composition and codon usage of O. martensii conformed to the typical vertebrate patterns, this mt genome contained 23 tRNAs (a tandem duplication of tRNA-Met gene). The LTPF tRNA-gene cluster, and the derived position of the ND5 gene downstream of the control region, were present in this mitogenome. Moreover, we found that in the WANCY tRNA-gene cluster, the tRNA-Asn gene was located between the tRNA-Tyr and COI genes instead of between the tRNA-Ala and tRNA-Cys genes, which is a novel mtDNA gene rearrangement in vertebrates. Based on the concatenated nucleotide sequences of the 13 protein-coding genes, phylogenetic analysis (BI, ML, MP) was performed to further clarify the phylogenetic relations of this species within anurans.

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