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    • The effect of sex on the spontaneous mutation rate inDrosophila melanogaster

      Charlotte Auerbach

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      The spontaneous mutation rate in the two sexes was studied in flies from various stocks, mainly isogenic wild-type, reared under controlled and identical conditions. It was found to be markedly higher in the male, the difference being statistically significant. Fluctuations were considerable, even within the same experiment, and point to the necessity for strictest control of all conditions when gaining data on spontaneous mutations. Possible explanations for the observed results are discussed, but without further evidence along other lines no decision between them appears possible.

    • “Pigtail,” a hereditary tail abnormality in the house mouse,Mus musculus

      F. A. E. Crew Charlotte Auerbach

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      A skeletal abnormality, termed pigtail, in the house mouse is described which phenotypically resembles flexed tail. In a certain small proportion of litters, one or more young with spina bifida aperta occurred, especially in the more highly inbred litters. Genetically, pigtail is a recessive character, caused either by two complementary factors, or—more probably—by one main gene interacting with a number of modifiers which affect the penetration. Penetration is never 100%. In genetically pigtail litters, it varies round about 20%. It is not noticeably dependent on age of mother, degree of expression in the parents, degree of inbreeding or selection; but there exists a significant, though slight, negative correlation between litter-size and percentage of manifestation in homozygous litters, suggesting some intra-uterine, non-genetical influence on the development of the abnormality.

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