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    • Genetics of gel consistency in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

      S. X. Tang G. S. Khush B. O. Juliano

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      Inheritance of gel consistency in rice was studied in crossés involving highamylose, low-gelatinizalion temperature parents with hard, medium, and soft gel consistency. The results of single-grain analysis of parents, F1, F2, B1F1, B2F2, and their reciprocal crosses from a single-season harvest showed that the differences between hard and soft, hard and medium, and medium and soft gel consistency are under monogenic control and that modifiers affect the expression of the trait. Multiple alleles at the same locus, hereby designated asgeca for medium gel consistency andgecb for soft gel consistency, were recessive to the wild type allele for hard gel consistency andgeca was dominant overgecb. The results indicate that selection for desired gel consistency can effectively be done in early segregating generations.

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