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    • Eye colours in the parasitic waspHabrobracon and their behaviour in multiple recessives and in mosaics

      Anna R. Whiting

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      1. Four loci for eye-colour differences have been found inHabrobracon. They segregate independently.

      2. Multiple recessives are phenotypically as light as or lighter than any single mutant type involved.

      3. The incompletely recessive wing factor or translocation, shotveins, which appears to have been produced by high temperature, when combined with white eye colour or with white and its allelomorph carrot produces red spots in the posterior ventral region of the eye, a condition known as variegation.

      4. Variegated stock (white shot-veins) breeds true and is of normal fertility and viability.

      5. Variegation may be due to localised somatic mutation or to spotting effect of the shot-veins factor or translocation when in combination with certain eye colour factors.

      6. In haploid eyes mosaic for colour it has been found that white and cantaloup regions and their allelomorphs are autonomous, while the lighter recessive ones in the orange series are affected by diffusible substances from darker dominant allelomorphs in adjoining regions.

    • A unique fraternity inHabrobracon

      P. W. Whiting Anna R. Whiting

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