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    • Induction by long period geomagnetic variations in the Indian sub-continent

      Mita Rajaram B P Singh S Y Waghmare

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      In the present paper storm time variations and 27-day geomagnetic periodicity have been analysed to estimate the depth of the substitute conductor, assuming an infinitely (super) conducting core model of the earth. The advantage of using data from a restricted longitude range is that the uncertainties arising from lateral contrasts in the upper mantle and contributions from Sq current systems are considerably reduced. The result of the present analysis, which has been done in the time domain, gives a value of 522 km for the depth of the substitute conductor in case of storm time variations which rises to 870 km for 27-day recurrent storms. A higher value of the depth for 27-day variations indicate that the rise in conductivity inside the earth is not like a step function rather is a gradual one. The value of 522 km for storm time variations for the Indian region is smaller than the global average. This is natural to expect because the Indian sub-continent is known to be a tectonically active region.

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