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    • Simulation of at-sensor radiance over land for proposed thermal channels of Imager payload onboard INSAT-3D satellite using MODTRAN model

      M R Pandya D B Shah H J Trivedi S Panigrahy

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      INSAT-3D is the new generation Indian satellite designed for improved Earth observations through two payloads – Imager and Sounder. Study was conducted with an aim of simulating satellite level signal over land in the infrared channels of the Imager payload using a radiative transfer model MODTRAN. Satellite level at-sensor radiance corresponding to all four infrared channels of INSAT-3D Imager payload is obtained using MODTRAN and sensitivity of at-sensor radiance was inferred as a function of input parameters namely, surface temperature, emissivity, view angle and atmospheric water vapour, which is helpful in understanding the signal simulation scheme needed for retrieving a very critical parameter namely, land surface temperature.

    • A feasibility study on identification of Basmati (aromatic) rice using SAR data

      Varunika Jain C Patnaik S Panigrahy

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      Rice areas in India are being mapped for acreage estimation using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data under forecasting agricultural output using space, agrometeorology and land-based observations (FASAL) program for over a decade now. Under this study, an attempt was made to segregate rice areas based on variety in parts of Punjab state. Data acquisition was done at critical stages of rice growth. The shift in transplantation in temporal domain and difference in canopy volume formed the basis of characterization of rice crop into two different varieties namely aromatic and non-aromatic. Multitemporal HH polarization data along with rate of change of cross polarization ratio (HH/HV) from July to September 2011 was used. The aromatic rice could be separated from normal rice with 91% accuracy.

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