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    • Total electron content at low latitudes

      Malkiat Singh H S Gurm M R Deshpande R G Rastogi G Sethia A R Jain A V Janve R K Rai V M Patwari B S Subbarao

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      Radio beacon from ATS-6 at 140 MHz was used to measure the changes in the polarization angle (Faraday rotation) at Bombay, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Udaipur and Patiala during October 1975 to July 1976. In this paper, results of diurnal, seasonal and latitudinal variations in total electron content (TEC) derived from these measurements are reported. The amplitude of diurnal peak is found to be higher at Rajkot, Ahmedabad and Udaipur as compared to that at Patiala or Bombay, indicating that the peak of Appleton anomaly in the latitudinal variation of TEC was close to the latitude of Ahmedabad. The diurnal maximum of TEC occurs around the same time during summer and winter months. The peak electron content shows a semiannual variation at all the stations with large values in equinoxes as compared to winter and summer. The TEC at Bombay shows a seasonal anamoly with high values in winter as compared to summer. The paper describes the development of latitudinal anomaly with the time of the day for different seasons. This anomaly is maximum during 1000 to 1800 LT and is located between 12° and 14° N (dip latitude) in summer and equinoxes and at about 10°N in winter.

    • Solar zenith angle and frequency dependence of ionosphericD-region absorption

      S L Jain R K Rai

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      In this paper, the results of a series of extensive measurements of multifrequency radio wave absorption in theD-region of the ionosphere during the epoch of the minium period of the solar cycle are presented. Experimental results for Udaipur, a low latitude station (24°35′N) are compared with the theoretically expected results. It is found that the experimental values of frequency indexm and cos χ indexn agree well with those obtained theoretically. The mean values ofm andn for the whole period of observation are found to be 1·76 and 1·4 respectively. The seasonal variation of the values ofm andn is also discussed.

    • The effect of filtering on drift and anisotropy parameters determined by full correlation analysis

      B M Vyas D V Sardesai R K Rai H Chandra G D Vyas

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      Ionospheric drift records obtained by the closely spaced receiver technique at Udaipur are subjected to low and high pass filtering with varying cutoff frequencies and the effects of filtering on various drift and anisotropy parameters as determined by full correlation analysis are studied. Limits in which filtering could be employed are suggested on the basis of results obtained.

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