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    • Simulation of photoelectron flux, electron density, emission rate and limb intensity of CO(a$^3$${\pi}$) Cameron bands in the Martian thermosphere: Comparisons with (1) SPICAM and IUVS observations and (2) other model calculations


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      Using analytical yield spectrum approach based on Monte Carlo method, the current study calculated the photoelectron flux, electron density, emission rate and limb intensity of carbon monoxide (CO)(a$^3$${\pi}$) bands between altitudes 90 and 200 km. The observation conditions that prevailed when the spectroscopy for investigation of the characteristics of the atmosphere of Mars (SPICAM) onboard Mars Express measured the CO(a3p) band limb intensity during orbits #3301 and #8488 that occurred on 4 August 2006 and 20 August 2010 were simulated. Recently, imaging ultraviolet spectrograph onboard Mars atmosphere and volatile evolution also observed the limb intensity of CO(a$^3$${\pi}$) bands in the Martian thermosphere under nearly the same aerophysical conditions of SPICAM/MEX observations in MY35. The simulated limb intensities of CO(a$^3$${\pi}$) bands are in good agreement with both observations considering the uncertainties of the measurements. We have also compared our estimated limb intensity with other model results of Gérard et al. (2019, J. Geophys. Res. Space Phys. ${124(7)}$ 5816–5827). The intensity of CO(a$^3$${\pi}$) bands estimated by Gérard et al. (2019) is larger by a factor of ${\sim}$2 than that estimated by us because their excitation cross sections are high.

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