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    • 2-D deformation of two welded half-spaces due to a blind dip-slip fault

      Sunita Rani Neeru Bala

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      The solution of two-dimensional problem of an interface breaking long inclined dip-slip fault in two welded half-spaces is well known. The purpose of this note is to obtain the corresponding solution for a blind fault. The solution is valid for arbitrary values of the fault-depth and the dip angle. Graphs showing the variation of the displacement field with the distance from the fault, for different values of fault depth and dip angle are presented. Contour maps showing the stress field around a long dip-slip fault are also obtained

    • Effect of pore connectivity on reflection amplitudes of an inhomogeneous wave in a composite porous solid saturated by two immiscible fluids

      Neeru Bala Ashish Arora

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      Present paper aims to study the phenomenon of reflection and transmission when an inhomogeneous wave strikes some discontinuity in a composite porous medium saturated by two immiscible viscous fluids. The incident wave splits into six reflected and six transmitted waves at the interface. All reflected and transmitted waves are inhomogeneous in nature with different directions of propagation vector and attenuation vector. A dimensionless parameter ς ∈ [0, 1] is introduced to represent the extent of connection among the pores at the interface. Expression of Umov–Poynting vector is derived to obtain energy flux vector. Continuity of energy flux vector at the interface gives the required boundary conditions for thesystem. Connecting parameter ς is also employed in boundary conditions to model the partial connection of pores at the interstices of two media. For numerical discussion we consider a porous medium composed of sandstone and ice, saturated with oil and water. The effect of parameter ς and angle of incidence is determined numerically on the amplitude and the energy ratios of reflected and transmitted waves.

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