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    • New seismological results on the tectonics of the Garhwal Himalaya

      K N Khattri Ramesh Chander V K Gaur I Sarkar Sushilkumar

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      This paper reports data pertaining to 90 local earthquakes recorded during 1984–86 using seismographs in arrays of 5–7 stations deployed near the Main Central Thrust between Bhagirathi and Alakhananda valleys. The results which are also compared with 162 earthquakes recorded in 1979–80 provide a local view that refines and complements information recorded at distant seismic stations.

    • Fine structure of seismotectonics in western Shillong massif, north east India

      S Mukhopadhyay R Chander K N Khattri

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      The epicentral tract of the great Assam earthquake of 1897 of magnitude 8·7 was monitored for about 6 months using an array of portable seismographs. The observed seismicity pattern shows several diversely-oriented linear trends, some of which either encompass or parallel known geological faults. A vast majority of the recorded micro-earthquakes had estimated focal depths between 8–14 km. The maximum estimated depth was 45 km. On the basis of a seismic velocity model for the region reported recently and these depth estimates we suggest that the rupture zone of the great 1897 earthquake had a depth of 11–12 km under the western half of the Shillong massif. Four composite fault plane solutions define the nature of dislocation in three of the seismic zones. Three of them show oblique thrusting while one shows pure dip slip reverse faulting. The fault plane solutions fit into a regional pattern of a belt of earthquakes extending in NW-SE direction across the north eastern corner of the Bengal basin. The maximum principle stress axis is approximately NS for all the solutions in conformity with the inferred direction of the Indian-EuroAsian plate convergence in the eastern Himalaya.

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