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    • Turbulent fluxes over east-central Arabian sea during MONEX

      K K Varma N N Raman

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      Fluxes of momentum, latent heat and sensible heat at fixed stations in the east-central Arabian sea during MONEX were studied. Observations at the same locations at different periods as well as simultaneous observation at different locations were compared. During the advance of monsoon, momentum flux showed remarkable increase. Latent heat loss from sea also increased while sensible heat flux, in general, changed direction to become a gain by the sea. SST decreased by about 1.5°C and air temperature decreased by about 1°C during the advance phase. A north-south difference in SST in the study region seemed to be favourable for the genesis of onset vortex of monsoon. The possible differential effect of this storm at two different locations, depending upon the SST before the storm, is also discussed.

    • Hydrography and water masses in the southeastern Arabian Sea during March–June 2003

      S S C Shenoi D Shankar G S Michael J Kurian K K Varma M R Ramesh Kumar A M Almeida A S Unnikrishnan W Fernandes N Barreto C Gnanaseelan R Mathew K V Praju V Mahale

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      This paper describes the hydrographic observations in the southeastern Arabian Sea (SEAS) during two cruises carried out in March–June 2003 as part of the Arabian Sea Monsoon Experiment. The surface hydrography during March–April was dominated by the intrusion of low-salinity waters from the south; during May–June, the low-salinity waters were beginning to be replaced by the highsalinity waters from the north. There was considerable mixing at the bottom of the surface mixed layer, leading to interleaving of low-salinity and high-salinity layers. The flow paths constructed following the spatial patterns of salinity along the sections mimic those inferred from numerical models. Time-series measurements showed the presence of Persian Gulf and Red Sea Waters in the SEAS to be intermittent during both cruises: they appeared and disappeared during both the fortnight-long time series.

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