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    • A gradient method for interpreting magnetic anomalies due to horizontal circular cylinders, infinite dykes and vertical steps

      I V Radhakrishna Murthy C Visweswara Rao G Gopala Krishna

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      A new method of interpreting magnetic anomalies of arbitrarily-magnetised horizontal circular cylinders, dipping dykes and vertical steps is presented. The method makes use of both horizontal and vertical gradients of the magnetic field of the model under consideration, rather than the observed magnetic anomaly. Vertical and horizontal gradients are calculated from the observed anomalies, and plotted one against the other to find out the locus of tip of the resultant gradient vector. This locus is a symmetrical curve for each of the three models mentioned above. The properties of these curves are used to deduce the various parameters of these models and the direction of magnetisation.

    • A direct method for interpreting magnetic anomalies—the case of a horizontal circular cylinder

      C Visweswara Rao

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      A new method is introduced here to interpret the magnetic anomalies with special reference to vertical magnetic anomalies of a horizontal circular cylinder. The parameters of the cylinder are found to be related toV, ∂V/∂x and∂V/∂z at the origin of the cylinder. HereV is the observed anomaly,∂V/∂x and∂V/∂z are its horizontal and vertical derivatives respectively. The origin may be located working out an equality,viz.,3(∂V/∂z)2=2V∂2V/∂z2 which is true only at the origin. Thus, once the cylinder is located,V, ∂V/∂x and∂V/∂z at its origin can be determined and hence its parameters. The procedure is illustrated with a theoretical example.

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