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    • Daily variation of the geomagnetic field near the focus of Sq-current system in Indian longitude

      Asha Patil B R Arora R G Rastogi

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      The paper presents the first results on the behaviour of solar quiet-day variations of the geomagnetic field components at Gulmarg. Combining the data from Russian stations in the same longitude belt, the annual average daily variations are calculated which show, in the horizontal component (H), a reversal of phase between Gulmarg and Tashkent. Studying the Sq-variations at Gulmarg separately for the three seasons, the daily variation of H duringd-months is predominantly diurnal in character with the maximum before noon. Duringe-months, and more so inj-months, daily variation of the H field is predominantly semidiurnal in character with minimum around 08–09 hr LT and maximum around 14 hr LT consistently during 1978, 1979 and 1980. These features of the Sq at Gulmarg are suggested to be due to the deformations of the current loops caused by the changing latitude of focus during the course of the day.

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