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    • Catalytic synthesis of nitrogen-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes using layered double hydroxides as catalyst precursors

      Yong Cao Yun Zhao Qingxia Li Qingze Jiao

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      The nitrogen (N)-doped carbon (CN$_x$) nanotubes were synthesized by pyrolysis of ethylenediamine with Ni1.07Mg1.01AlO3.58, Ni1.99Mg0.29AlO3.78, and Ni2.31Mg0.08AlO3.89 mixed oxides as catalysts at 650°C. Those mixed oxides were obtained by calcination of corresponding layered double hydroxide precursors (LDHs). Structure and composition of LDHs and mixed oxides were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Inductively coupled plasma spectrum. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and transmission electron microscope were used to characterize the N content, proportion of pyridine-like N structure and morphology of CN$_x$ nanotubes. The results showed that the tubes grown with Ni2.31Mg0.08AlO3.89 as catalysts had more obvious bamboo-like structure, larger diameter than those grown with Ni1.07Mg1.01AlO3.58 and Ni1.99Mg0.29AlO3.78. The N content and proportion of graphitic-like N structures increased with the content of Ni2+ increasing in LDH precursors. The morphology, N content and pyridine-like N structures for CN$_x$ nanotubes can be controlled to a certain extent by varying the content of Ni2+ in LDH precursors.

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