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    • Combustion synthesis and characterization of porous perovskite catalysts

      Yuehui Wu-Laitao Luo Wei Liu

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      Porous perovskite-type complex oxides LaCoO3 and La0.95Sr0.05Ni0.05Co0.95O3 were produced by combustion method. The properties of these porous materials such as crystal structures, particle sizes, surface patterns, pore size, surface area and pore volume were characterized by X-ray diffraction( XRD), scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and BET measurements. The results indicated that all porous materials are of the perovskite-type complex oxides. Doping Sr2+ ions on site A and doping Ni2+ ions on site B entered the crystal lattices of LaCoO3 in the place of La3+ and Co3+, respectively, and the maximum peak of XRD patterns of doping sample was weaken and broaden. Morphological microscopy demonstrated agglomerates involved mostly thin smooth flakes and layers perforated by a large number of pores and its lamella decreased with the introduction of Sr2+ and Ni2+. Hysteresis loop in the N2 adsorption-desorption isotherm of samples indicated its porous structures and the doping effect on its pore size, surface area and pore volume were improved. The porous catalysts have been tested for methane catalytic combustion and the results showed that these catalysts possessed high catalytic activity.

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