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    • Vibrational studies of nickel porphins and octaethyl porphyrins

      Y A Sarma

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      The in-plane vibrational frequencies and assignments of nickel porphin (NiP) and octaethyl porphyrin (NiOEP) and their isotopically substituted derivatives are obtained by using Urey-Bradley potential energy constants. In order to study the core size effects in metallooctaethyl porphyrin (MOEP) systems, the (C–Cm) stretching force constants of Co, Cu and ZnOEP are also determined. Structural correlations between these constants and (1) centre-to-pyrrole nitrogen distances and (2) resonance Raman skeletal mode frequencies above 1450cm−1 (v2,v3,v10,v11 andv19) indicate the porphyrin core size influence on the (C−Cm) stretching force constants and the skeletal mode frequencies.

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