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    • Influence of magnetic field on the electrodeposition of Ni-Co alloy

      Mehdi Ebadi W J Basirun Yatimah Alias

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      The electrodeposition of Ni-Co alloy from a nickel Watt’s solution in the absence and presence of a permanent parallel magnetic field (PPMF) to the plane of deposition (perpendicular to direction of current) produced a deposited layer with mostly fine grain structure. The deposited layers have been characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive X-ray (EDX). It was found that the mass deposition rate with PPMF was greater than the deposition in the absence of PPMF, where the rate of difference electrodeposited mass ($\Delta m$) was calculated ($\Delta m = 0.07$ to 0.12 mg cm-2min-1). In the presence of PPMF, the electrodeposition of cobalt was high (0 to 5%) compare to the absence of PPMF. The corrosion resistance of Ni-Co alloy layers fabricated by PPMF proved higher than without PPMF.

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