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    • Mössbauer effect studies of the GaCoMnO4−ZnFeMnO4 system

      Rita Ramachandran V S Darshane

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      Mössbauer studies have been carried out on the spinel system GaCoMnO4−ZnFeMnO4 at room temperature (294K) for the values ofX=0, 20, 40, 50, 60, 80 and 100 (whereX denotes the mole percent of ZnFeMnO4 in GaCoMnO4). All the compounds showed well resolved quadrupole split doublets. Isomer shift values varied between 0·26 and 0·48 mm/sec. The value of quadrupole splitting increased with increasingu parameter. The increase inu parameter is attributed to the replacement of Ga3+ by Zn2+ ions at the A-site. From Mössbauer studies, the ionic configuration of the system is suggested as$$Ga_{1 - x}^{3 + } Zn_x^{2 + } [Co_{1 - x}^{2 + } Fe_x^{3 + } Mn^{3 + } ]O_4^{2 - } $$

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