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    • Solid state properties of lithium doped nickel oxide and its catalytic activity towards dehydrogenation of isopropanol

      D K Chakrabarty V Bheema Raju

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      Solid state properties of lithium doped nickel oxide samples and their catalytic activity towards isopropanol (IPA) decomposition have been studied. Electrical resistivity, surface area and lattice parameter decrease with doping which is due to substitutional incorporation of Li into the nickel oxide lattice. IPA undergoes only dehydrogenation on all the samples, dehydrogenation activity increasing with increased doping. There is a small but regular decrease in the Arrhenius activation energy with doping. The increase in catalytic activity on doping is attributed to the increase in hole concentration which is likely to favour the desorption of acetone, the rate determining step of the reaction.

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