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    • The deexcitation of the S1 state of aminoanthraquinones: A steadystate and timeresolved study

      V J P Srivatsavoy B Venkataraman N Periasamy

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      The non-radiative processes of deactivation from the lowest singlet excited state of aminoanthraquinones have been studied using steady-state and time-resolved methods. The fluorescence decay rate constant, kf correlates well with the solvent polarity parameter, ET(30), in nonhydrogen bonding solvents. Large deuterium isotope effects in fluorescence lifetimes (τf) and quantum yields (ϕf) are observed in the case of 1-amino (AAQ) and 1-methylaminoanthraquinones (MAQ), where the S1 state is mainly deactivated through internal conversion to the ground state. The temperature-dependence of the fluorescence quantum yields of various aminoanthraquinones was also investigated. The ϕf and τf exhibited strong temperature-dependence in the case of 1-acetylaminoanthraquinone (ACAQ). In the case of ACAQ, the intersystem crossing to the triplet state is a major deactivation channel from the S1 and in this derivative a close-lying T2 state seems to be responsible for the high kisc rate.

      The fluorescence properties of 1,5-diaminoanthraquinone (DAQ) are affected by intermolecular hydrogen bonding with alcohols. Increasingn-alkyl chain length in the case of l-(n-alkyl)aminoanthraquinones from methyl to butyl does not produce any change in the fluorescence properties, whereas a hydroxypropyl substitution results in a small decrease of ϕf and τf in these compounds, indicating an interaction of the hydroxyl group with the carbonyl group of the aminoanthraquinones.

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