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    • Adsorption studies of acetic acid dimers on activated charcoal from organic solvents

      J Santhanalakshmi S Balaji Thirumalaiswamy Raja

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      Acetic acid exists as dimers in organic solvents like benzene, toluene and xylene. Adsorption of dimeric acetic acid on activated charcoal (AC) at various temperatures from benzene, toluene and xylene solutions have been studied. The system obeys Langmuir isotherm, thus signifying a monolayer adsorption of dimers. Corrections on AC-solvent pore volume fillings, molecular cross sectional surface area of acetic acid dimers, the adsorption equilibrium constants, the free energy change and the enthalpy change values are computed at different temperatures for the three solvents. The adsorption process has been found to be physisorption type. The FTIR measurements show that the adsorbed acetic acid dimer seems to retain the cyclic structure against the open chain non-cyclic structure.

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