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    • Electron energy loss spectroscopic study of Cr(CO)6, Mo(CO)6 and W(CO)6 in the vapour phase

      T Pradeep

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      Electron energy loss spectra (EELS) of Cr, Mo and W hexacarbonyls in the vapour phase are reported. Most of the bands observed are similar to those in optical spectra, but the two high energy transitions in the 9·8–11·2 eV region are reported here for the first time. Based on the orbital energies from the ultraviolet photoelectron spectra and the electronic transition energies from EELS and earlier optical studies, the molecular energy level schemes of these molecules are constructed.

    • Design and fabrication of an indigenous molecular beam ultraviolet photoelectron spectrometer

      T Pradeep M S Hegde

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      An ultraviolet photoelectron spectrometer for the study of van der Waals molecules has been designed and fabricated indigenously. The spectrometer consists of an Hel discharge lamp, a molecular beam sample inlet system, an electrostatic lens, a 180° hemispherical electrostatic analyser and a channeltron detector. Performance of the spectrometer is illustrated with an example.

    • Thermal decomposition of C60Br24 and C60Br8: Absence of sequential elimination

      M R Resmi K Smitha T Pradeep

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      In-situ infrared spectroscopic investigations of the thermal decomposition of C60Br24 and C60Br8 reveal that elimination reactions leading to C60 occur in a single-step process. No partially brominated structures are observed, although theoretical predictions exist about derivatives such as C60Brn (12<n<24). The study suggests that the lack of such structures can be attributed to the unusual stability of the cage. Any activation of the spheroidal structure is evenly distributed resulting in the uniform excitation of all the vertices; a property attributed to the resilience, as evidenced by mass spectrometric experiments.

    • Ciprofloxacin@SiO2: Fluorescent nanobubbles

      M J Rosemary V Suryanarayanan P Ganapatireddy Ian Maclaren S Baskaran T Pradeep

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      We report a new nanomaterial in which ciprofloxacin molecules are incorporated inside silica nanobubbles, denoted as ciprofloxacin@SiO2. The material has been characterised using UV/Vis absorption spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, cyclic voltammetry, and emission spectroscopy. The material is stable and the freestanding particles can be precipitated and redispersed in several solvents. Confinement of the molecule is complete as leaching through the shell is minimal. The material behaves like free ciprofloxacin in solution; however, effects of confinement are manifested. Energy transfer reaction between ciprofloxacin@SiO2 and Tb3+ was monitored by emission spectroscopy. The emission intensity decreased with metal ion exposure indicating selective electronic interaction.

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