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    • Reactions of Mo(CO)6 under biphase conditions

      T Chandiran S Vancheesan

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      The reaction between molybdenum hexacarbonyl and hydroxide ion under solid-liquid biphase conditions at room temperature gave [(CO)3Mo(-OH)3Mo(CO)3]3−. Tetrabutylammonium bromide was used as the phase transfer agent. The reaction between hydroxide ion and molybdenum hexacarbonyl under liquid-liquid or solid-liquid biphase conditions did not give any hydrido complex. Hydroxide ion catalysed substitution reactions of molybdenum hexacarbonyl were studied under solid-liquid and liquid-liquid biphase conditions. The reaction between molybdenum hexacarbonyl and tetrabutylammonium hydroxide in dichloromethane at room temperature was studied by infrared spectroscopy. Based on the experimental evidence, a mechanism is suggested for the substitution reactions catalysed by the hydroxide ion under biphase conditions.

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