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    • Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of anisole and substituted anisoles by acid bromate in acetic acid-water mixture

      T Veeraiah S Sondu

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      Oxidation of anisoles by acid bromate has been studied in acetic acid-water system in the presence of sulphuric acid. The reaction is first order each in [anisole] and [Br(V)]. The rate of reaction increased with increase in [H+] and percentage of acetic acid. The products of oxidation have been identified as ortho and para hydroxyanisoles. From the effect of [H+] and [acetic acid] on rate, H2+ BrO3 has been established as the reactive species. Anisoles having electron-donating substituents in the benzene ring accelerate the rates and vice versa with a Hammett ρ value of −0.6. A mechanism involving the attack of H2+ BrO3 on ortho/para position of the anisole in the rate-determining step has been proposed.

    • Molecular complexes of phenols with DDQ

      T Vinod Kumar T Veeraiah G Venkateshwarlu

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      Molecular complexes of phenols with DDQ have been studied spectrophotometrically in the temperature range of 10–30‡C in a solvent (CHC13) of low polarity under low donor concentrations. All the complexes exhibit one CT band each in the wavelength region where acceptor and donor do not have any absorption. The complexes are inferred to be of the π2π type and have Ry configuration in which the donor molecular orbital encompasses the substituent. The ionization potentials of the donors, the stability constants and thermodynamic parameters of the complexes have been evaluated.

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